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John Doe / Jane Doe

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Tony Kirby

Tony Kirby is a 20+ year veteran of the engineering and consulting industry. Since creating Mobile Mechanic King in 2016, he’s held a variety of leadership roles in operations, advertising, digital, customer experience and technology. In 2022, he invented the fuel oxidizer due to the rising gas prices.

Product Development Engineer

Shane Jobe

Shane Jobe is a 10+ year veteran of the construction and consulting industry. Since joining Fuel Oxidizer in 2022, he’s held a roles in operations and product development. Shane works closely with the senior leadership team, positioning Fuel Oxidizer as a People Powered, Customer Driven organization with the purpose of bringing unexpected happiness. He focuses Fuel Oxidizer’s 300 associates on delivering on the company’s vision and business goals while also making a difference in the lives of customers each year.

Legal Counsel

Jeff Kriegle