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What is a MFT-Boost?

MFT-Boost (Molecular Fuel Technology) Boost is a device that change the molecular structure of fuel for added performance and maximum efficiency. The power output of an MFT-Boost powered engine is higher than that of an identical engine without the device. The performance of MFT-Boost powered engines is also enhanced with the calibration of fuel flow, which mists the combustion chamber with a precise amount of fuel in order to maximize the engine’s power output and fuel efficiency.


How does the MFT-Boost Concierge Program work?

We are conducting the Program in connection with the production of the MFT-Boost device (each a “MFT-Boost” and collectively, “MFT-Boosts”). We intend to manufacture very limited quantities of the MFT-Boost and to make available via the Program a minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) per MFT-Boost production year. Because we anticipate that there will be more potential purchasers than there are available MFT-Boosts, we intend through the Program to select individuals who will be invited to discuss a potential purchase of a MFT-Boost on terms to be agreed to by the seller and the purchaser. We use only the best materials available to create unprecedentedly designed products underpinned by meticulous engineering. The MFT-Boost device is patent protected disruptive technology hand-built with pride in America.

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